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Hello, I'm Rachel Mathews, founder of Successful Garden Design.

I've been an international garden designer for over 25 years. Designing gardens of all shapes, sizes and styles everywhere from the UK, USA, Europe to Malaysia & Australia.

 When I first started out I wasn't what you'd call a naturally talented designer. Even though I went to college and got my qualification, I found designing gardens hard. I soon realised that in college they'd taught me a lot of theory, but not the actual 'how' part!Over a 10 year period, I developed a design formula that not only simplified the process but also worked in any size, shape or style of garden.

In 2009 I started teaching homeowners the really simple design formula I had created. Before long, I had professional landscapers and qualified designers signing up to do my courses. I wasn't the only one that had struggled to design effectively from all that college theory!

I've had people with absolutely no garden or design experience whatsoever do my courses and create amazing gardens (see images below). So this formula has been thoroughly tried and tested over the years all over the world...

Example SGD student gardens


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Registered in England. Company No. 07534563

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Telephone +44 (0)1223 96 9912 – this will get you to my answer service. I rarely pick up the phone so that I can work efficiently. I use Skype phone service so I will need you to leave a LANDLINE number as my call package doesn’t allow me to call mobile numbers.

Email is the BEST way to get hold of me, especially as I travel so much, often without good enough internet connection to listen or respond to voice messages! I check emails twice a day, most days, except Sunday.


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