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About Successful Garden Designer - Rachel Mathews

International garden designer, Rachel Mathews, has over 25 years design experience and has been teaching garden design to a worldwide audience since 2009.

Her mission is to demystify landscape design so that people can easily create a stunning garden, without needing to hire a designer.

Rachel teaches a simple, fast-track design formula that has enabled thousands of people to successfully design their garden. She has also taught many landscape professionals how to improve their existing design skills.

Student Garden Examples

See what our students say about the courses

"I am absolutely amazed by this course [Great Garden Formula]. All other courses, books  etc give you lots of info on what to do but none tells you exactly HOW to do it. And this course is really step by step guide for how to design a garden. It is done in simple, clear and straight way with lots of pictures and photos."

"This course has really helped me a lot. I have been trying to learn more about garden design but the information i found previously was not presented in such a logic and methodic way, therefore I find it very helpful and effective. I, as many other people who took your course, have a professional background and wanted to go deeper into garden design."

"Wow. I've gone through everything now and have spent hours of rainy weekends and Christmas break planning, sketching and even getting my watercolours out for the first time in years – this whole course has been truly inspirational and I can't wait to start making the changes to the design and planting of my garden."


Student Garden Examples


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