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Get Rachel's professional design advice and feedback on your garden design layout

Do you have a garden plan that you’d like a second opinion on?

Either one you’ve done yourself or hired a professional garden designer to do, but you’re not quite sure if it’s the right design for you and would value an impartial expert’s opinion?

Are You DIY-Designing Your Garden?

If you’re designing your own garden, it can be very helpful to have a professional designer look at your plan to make sure your garden is going to work as well as you want it to and avoid expensive mistakes.

Rachel has been a garden designer for the last 25 years, so has plenty of experience designing every conceivable size, shape and style of garden. She’s also very used to working from plans and photos and has mentored many professional designers and design students.

Example Plan Reviews

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Please note: the plan review is for the design layout only not planting scheme.


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