Garden Design Courses

Learn how to successfully design your garden 

Successful Garden Design Courses

Professional level garden design course

The Great Garden Formula is for aspiring designers as well as qualified designers wishing to improve their skills. It's also suitable for enthusiasts who want to learn everything about garden design. 


All size garden design course

The Fast-Track course is like a 'lite' version of the pro Great Garden Formula. Learn how to tackle any type of long, wide or square shape garden, from really wide and square  through to irregular and awkward shapes. 


Make the most of your small space garden

Small gardens can look amazing. Learn the simple tricks that professional designers use to make small gardens look and feel larger, as well as become more functional and interesting. 


Planting & Other Courses

How to combine plants for stunning borders

The Plant Design Formula course will teach you the art of plant combining so you can create borders that look great all year round.


How to know which plants will grow where

Learn to be a plant whisperer! If you know what to look for, the majority of plants will tell you what conditions they require, just by looking at their leaves. 


How to accurately plot your garden on paper

The vital first step to any design is an accurate base plan. *Please note this course does come as a free bonus with all our design courses listed above.


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Gift Purchases

If you wish to give a course as a gift, after purchase email us the details of the recipient and we will send them the course on the date you specify.

See what our students say about the courses

"I am absolutely amazed by this course [Great Garden Formula]. All other courses, books  etc give you lots of info on what to do but none tells you exactly HOW to do it. And this course is really step by step guide for how to design a garden. It is done in simple, clear and straight way with lots of pictures and photos."

"I am a landscape architect doing a refresher design course and also have just completed a horticultural course so I can honestly say that Rachel's design tips are great and really work. I would definitely recommend Rachel's course for the inexperienced person wanting to discover the secrets to great design. There are also useful tips for the experienced designer."

"This course has really helped me a lot. I have been trying to learn more about garden design but the information i found previously was not presented in such a logic and methodic way, therefore I find it very helpful and effective. I, as many other people who took your course, have a professional background and wanted to go deeper into garden design."

"Hi Rachel. Thank you so much for the incredibly valuable amount of work and passion you share through your design courses. It is absolutely amazing!

I knew how I wanted to use our garden, it simply felt impossible and I just didn't know how to achieve it. I needed the right approach and a new perspective, and your knowledge, passion and expertise made it possible. I found the courage to try myself on the board and it has been an immensily satisfactory and rewarding experience.

Thank you for being such a good teacher and for making approachable, what others made so complicated and scary!"

"Wow. I've gone through everything now and have spent hours of rainy weekends and Christmas break planning, sketching and even getting my watercolours out for the first time in years – this whole course has been truly inspirational and I can't wait to start making the changes to the design and planting of my garden. "

About Rachel Mathews

International garden designer, Rachel Mathews, has over 25 years design experience and has been teaching garden design to a worldwide audience since 2009.

Rachel teaches a simple, fast-track formula that has enabled thousands of people to successfully design their garden. She has also taught many landscape professionals how to improve their existing design skills.

A Formula That Works

Learning a formula instead of complicated design theory is the fast-track method to successfully designing your garden quickly and easily. The design formula that Rachel teaches has been tried and tested by thousands of people worldwide over the last 10 years.


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